2018 Road Trip – Part 1 – Grand Canyon & Four Corners Monument

We’ve learned that if the GPS estimates 8 hours, add at least 1.5 to 2 more for bathroom stops, lunch, and the fact that travel is always slower when you’re pulling a trailer. So, when GPS estimated travel to the Grand Canyon would be close to 10 hours, we decided to find a place to stop along the way for 1 night. We got a reservation at Riverside Adventure Trails in Ft. Mohave, AZ, very close to Laughlin, NV and the Colorado River. It was only $25 a night and included full hookups and a pool! The temps were expected to be 108 degrees so having both a/c and a pool was high on our list of must-haves. I forgot to take pics here but you can check out the link. You have to call to make reservations, and you pay cash in person upon arrival, but it’s a nice place. Oh! And when you get close, don’t count on GPS to get you to the entrance as it will get you lost! Look for the CVS and enter the CVS lot, then you’ll see the entrance to the park behind the store.

The next morning we headed to Mather Campground (Site 121) at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. When we arrived, they were doing construction and re-routed us all around the South Rim area. It was pretty challenging finding our campground, but thankfully we had a map. After setup we had a late lunch at camp and relaxed at camp for a bit, then drove to the Village Visitor’s Center. Then after a little shopping we took the shuttle to Hopi Point and watched the sunset. This was at the suggestion of my nephew and I’d highly recommend it! Just make sure the shuttle is running after sunset because if it’s off-season, it won’t be running and you’ll be walking back in the pitch black of night.

The campground has a shuttle stop at Mather campground so the next day we took it, first to the Visitor’s Center again, then walked the Rim to Verkamp’s Visitor’s center (less than 2 miles).

Love the desert wildflowers!

From Verkamp’s Visitors Center we took the shuttle to Bright Angel’s Head Trail. Scott wanted to hike into the canyon a bit, so he and Alan hiked down about 8/10th of a mile, then hiked back up (while I rested in the shade at the top 😊 ) It was a hot day, about 90. We all had Camelbak-type backpacks, but even so, Alan ran out of water on this last hike. Fortunately Scott had refilled and was able to share. On days like this the parks will remind you over and over, “Make sure you take and drink water.” Don’t be that person who has to be rescued because you thought you were invincible! 015013014

We also took some time to relax at the campground, and were pleased to see another Minnie Micro there, though we never were able to meet the owners. We even met a couple in a pop up trailer similar to our old one (see our PUP makeover here) who was from Redlands, CA, where I lived for 30+ years, and we all lived for almost 3 years. What are the odds?!!!

The next day we left the GC to make our way to Moab, UT, but we decided to take a slight detour and stop at the Four Corners Monument. The guys had never been and it had been about 30 years since I’d been. It’s changed so much! They now have raised platforms at all 4 Corners to make it easier to take pictures. There are also Navajo vendors all around selling jewelry, crafts, and food. Admission fee is $5 per person, ages 7 and up.  The buildings in the background are the vendors.


Below pics…top is 30 years ago and bottom is this trip. I tried to recreate my pose but the ground was HOT. Lots of changes, in the area and me! LOL!

See how few vendors there were? (behind us, top pic)


Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Where did you stay and what was your favorite thing to do? How about Four Corners Monument? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear about other’s adventures, and would also love to follow you on Instagram if you love traveling and camping too!

If you’re not already following us, you can find us here!  Click here to read Part Two!



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