2018 Road Trip – Part 2 – Canyonlands & Arches National Parks

The Moab Valley RV Resort Campground is a nice place in a great location with full hookups, essential for us in the summer heat of Moab. Each site has a little bit of grass, and the campground also has laundry facilities, Wifi (though unfortunately it was down the entire time we were there), showers, and more. Check out their website for more amenities. The campground is also just 1 mile from Arches National Park, & close to just about everything else. We saw TWO other Minnie Micros here! (We’re the blue Minnie, “Indy” on the right.)0402

The pool was crowded because there was a youth group there, but it was nice and refreshing after a scorching day at the park. 03

The day we arrived we decided to eat out for dinner instead of cook, and also needed to pick up a few groceries. We had a great dinner at Zax, where they have an all-you-can-eat pizza and salad bar as well as a regular menu.

The sunsets at Moab were spectacular!0105

Our first full day there we got up early to head out to Canyonlands National Park to hopefully beat the heat. This became the theme of the trip. The park is about an hour away from Moab but there are beautiful views along the way. We used the Island in the Sky Map and stopped at several lookouts.

We had decided to hike one easy route and then drive the scenic route & just stop at a few places. After a stop at the Islands in the Sky Visitor’s Center, we hiked the short way to Mesa Arch, which was beautiful and fun little hike.

Hiking to Mesa Arch, Scott did a little extra “exploring”
Mesa Arch
Huge Canyon directly behind the Arch
Mesa Arch

My favorite lookout was the Grand View Overlook where the Green River meets the Colorado River.0708And I always love seeing flowers in the desert! Well, anywhere! 🙂

The guys are waaaaay down there!

010While we only did a few short hikes that day, many people explore the back country by hiking deeper into the canyons, bicycling, four-wheel-driving and on motor bikes. The roads range in difficulty so be sure to check out the requirements and restrictions before you head out.09

The very next day we headed out to Arches National Park. Again, to beat the expected heat (high of 105) we left camp at 6:30 AM. We got there so early there was no one at the gate, yet we still weren’t the 1st visitors to arrive! I had done some research prior and chosen some of the shorter hikes so we could squeeze in as much as possible before it was swelteringly hot. Arriving early also took the headache out of finding a parking spot.

We hiked to Balanced Rock, North & South Windows, and then Double Arch.

05-North and South WindowDouble Arch (below) was my favorite, maybe because of the way the morning light hit it, creating shade in the lower area. We enjoyed hiking around Double Arch and appreciated the shade!0704-DoubleArchThe most famous arch, the one seen on all the brochures, is Delicate Arch. You can hike all the way up to the arch, about 3 miles, but this hike is considered strenuous with no shade. Alternatively there is access to a viewing area that is also handicap-accessible, but it really is quite a distance away and you can’t see a whole lot. However, if you’re able, you can walk further up this trail and see Delicate Arch across the canyon, so that’s what we did. (Below: If you look closely you can see the people up there, left of the Arch.)


We then drove further on to Devil’s Garden at the north end of the park to see Landscape Arch, but at this point I was overheated and, as much as I wanted to see it, I had to hang back in the shade while the guys went on. As it turns out, Alan had to stop and rest while Scott hiked on a little further. It was just SO hot!  Scott took a great pic of Landscape.08Before we left the park we stopped at the Visitor’s Center where Alan got a Lego-like model of Delicate Arch. (He used the extra pieces to make a Balanced Rock 🙂 )011

I always love hearing about other people’s adventures. Have you been to Moab, Canyonlands, or Arches?  Please leave a comment and let me know. You can also follow us on Instagram, and if you travel a lot, I’d love to follow you too. Part 3 coming soon!




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