South Carlsbad State Beach – April 2017



This was actually our 2nd visit to South Carlsbad SB. It’s a very popular campground and books many months in advance, but you can sometimes get in last minute on a cancellation, as we did on our first visit in January when we booked it the day before! If you’re within the 24-hour window, you will have to reserve in person rather than online. Since we live close by (30 minutes), this was easy for us to do, but I know that might not be the case for all.

There are sites overlooking the beach and sites on the street side. We stayed on the beach side which was beautiful and so soothing to hear the ocean waves all night. We’ve heard it can be pretty noisy on the street side, though others say it doesn’t bother them.

You just can’t beat the views, and the view from inside a pop up camper with the ocean breeze coming through?  Perfection.IMG_7097

The campground does have a limited number of hook up sites. The sites on the beach side with hookups are, of course, the most expensive. There are even a few “double-hookup sites” that can accommodate 2 RVs.

There are staircases leading down to the beach, and even a ramp at the south end of the park, though it is quite steep. My hubby and son rode their bikes down the ramp to the beach. IMG_7882.JPG

Each campsite has a fire pit and picnic table, though we rarely use the latter. We prefer sitting in our camp chairs, but you can always combine the two? Lots of people put their chairs up on top of the picnic table for a fence-free view!

And have you ever tried Reese’s S’mores? OH SO GOOD! IMG_7865

The beach can be very rocky, it just really depends on the time of year. But even the rocks are beautiful. Smooth and full of lots of different colors, and the sound of the waves over the rocks is very tranquil. At other times of the year it’s much more sandy. You’ll see surfers any time of year, and on our April trip we saw quite a few dolphins!IMG_7118

The weather was perfect, even in January when the highs were in the low 70’s. The nights were cool, but very comfortable. This was really one of our most relaxing trips.IMG_7874

Have you stayed at S. Carlsbad? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. erikzakoske says:

    Well, our recent trip there wasnt as serene as yours apparently was. To be fair, it was a holiday weekend, and we were in the street side. We found it to be very busy with people and vehicles going back and forth. We also found the road noise to be very noticable.
    The location is great, and the proximity to the beach is also pretty ideal.
    We’ll probably try again in a less busy weekend, and will be sure to get a spot on the bluff side.
    So far, our favorite semi-local spot is San Mateo campgrounds, just east of the freeway in San Onofre.

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    1. Awww, sorry to hear that Erik. We had a similar so-so experience at San Elijo when we were not on the beach side. I hope to blog about it soon. I guess it makes quite a difference to have the ocean drowning out any noise. We haven’t been to San Mateo yet. Need to check it out. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. That sounds like a great place to stay. Thanks for sharing. We are just now planning our next getaway. Hugs, Stephanie

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