Camp Pendleton-Del Mar RV Resort Nov 2017

Our church has an adults-only RV Group (fur-babies allowed) that goes camping about 4 times a year and this was our first time joining them. You can only camp here if you are military or hosted by military personnel (active or retired), and there are several veterans in our group. You have to be “on the list” and show your ID to go on base. What a privilege to be able to enjoy this beautiful beach.

Our site was in the 2nd row and the water is quite a ways from the campsites, but you can still see the ocean and the waves were really big. The sites are on asphalt, but you wouldn’t know it because the sand has blown in and covered everything. In fact, our pop up became it’s own little sand box 🙂  The resort has full hookups, restrooms, free showers, vending machines (soda), a small convenience store, and a restaurant.

During the weekend we were there it was Veteran’s Day and our anniversary. We really just relaxed a lot and enjoyed making new friends in our group. One afternoon I walked down to the beach and took some shots and actually got one of a dolphin jumping out of the wave!  I was so excited and couldn’t believe it!  What a joy! Occasionally you would hear the Marines go by, running their drills.  The sunsets were absolutely breathtaking!  That’s about it so I’ll just leave the pics below to share the rest! (No filters!)


Anniversary surprises from my hubby (AND he loves to cook! I’m a blessed girl!)

Mickey enjoys getting spoiled when we go camping.

(Yes, she’s wearing socks because she had some “bumps” that were healing-no licking!)

IMG_0430DOLPHINS! There was actually a second one jumping with this one!IMG_0406IMG_0403 (1)IMG_0401IMG_0399

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